O’Chea Original Designs represent: Original Chea.   O’Chea began her career as a beautician in San Diego, CA in 1996 out of her University Heights hair salon.  Her niche hair salon built on the simple premise of using someone’s existing individual beauty – face shape, profile, hair texture, hair pattern and head shape – and enhancing that with 100% human hair extensions.   Keep in mind that, in most cultures, a woman’s hair is her most prized possession.

       O’Chea created a huge customer following by consistently achieving the desired result:  a fresh, clean and new look by recycling hair.  For the past three years, the O’Chea Designer Fashion line has built its solid foundation on the key attributes of a woman’s innate body beauty -- curves, bone structure, profile and silhouette.  Often, a staple garment in a woman’s wardrobe needs updating into a fresh, clean new style.  She seeks to do this either with garment additions or by adding a few new basic staples upon which she can build a fresh new wardrobe.

      The O’Chea line is dedicated to two chief purposes.  The first O’Chea purpose is making each woman, man and child feel beautiful, handsome and adorned to their personal style and shape-flattering best. The second chief purpose of the O’Chea Designer Fashion line is its dedication to the conservation of the planet, its resources and its ability to replenish itself.  As such, each garment is an update of an outdated, unwanted garment remade to reflect today’s fashion trends …individualized to the person’s style, mood, frame and need.  

     The O'Chea Fashion Designs continues to do things for her community.The O'Chea Designs has been featured in the"Passion for Fashion Show" and the yearly "Kumba Fest" at the Lyceum Theatre, as well as the "Tango Del Rey" Fashion show and the "Law Firm" Fashion Show downtown on Park Avenue in San Diego, CA. O'Chea Fashion embraces each woman's curves and all body sizes and debut her fashions at the"Miss Plus Size Fashion Pagent" in Los Angeles CA. She also has donated to YMCA for stopping gangs and violence. O'Chea has done numerous more shows in Los Angeles CA and San Diego CA. 

     The O'Chea Production team cares about each individuals health and avidly supports members of the Susan G. Coma Cancer Research. She also donates to non-profits organizations and International Christian Ministries such as God's Way King of King International Ministries,by Pastor Barbara A. Joseph in Perris CA. O'Chea provides support and contribution to countries such as Andhra Pradesh, India, Paris France, Belgium, Germany and numerous countries in Africa through this International King of King of Ministries. Pastor Barbara A.Joseph is a sponser to the O'Chea Fashion Productions.

      The O'Chea Fashion Productions is no stranger to the media. O'Chea has premiered on San Diego's Local news station KUSI as well as on Time Warner Cable and Cox Cable with host Leonard Simpson and hostess Connie. O'Chea fashion has appeared on "FINE" Magizine and popular African American Magizines such as "Ebony".The O'Chea Production team also designs its extravagent fashion personally for Cheryl Rue, hostess of the Cheryl Rue television show in Los Angeles CA.

      The O'Chea Designs have graced the album of upcoming artist Neo-Soul artist "Rebeca" called the Jade Element. These Elegant designs have been worn to the White House of the United States, during a presidential ball and dinner and complimented by the First Lady Michelle Obama herself.

       The Fashion Industry has done this for centuries and O’Chea Designs simply “re-presents” these fashions for a Bold, Powerful and Alive usefulness.   For example, if a new gown’s length or silhouette leaves it useless and unworn; it is due for an update and not for a local landfill!  O’Chea Designs carved out a small segment of a niche market to focus only on what, in many ways, is otherwise useless.   Said another way, O’Chea Fashion products provide value to the planet and are  better, in some respects,  than anything else the “custom-izer” could have purchased.

       O’Chea Designs has created a new word in Fashion.  An updated description of an O’Chea  patron’s shopping style is:  “One-of-a-kind.”  In short, O’Chea has created a new adjective from an old one and defined its clientele as:  Sophisticated and Unique.  They are not consumers grasping deals from others or going for what simply costs the least.   O’Chea “Selective” buyers are those who seek their own signature look or original designs in a congruent way that helps the planet and others. 

O’Chea wishes you and everyone many Happy Fashion Seasons.





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